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About Your Life Story Analyzer Pro

Your Life ANalyzer pro mobile web analyzer
Your Life Story Pro analyzer is a Web Application that provides a fast and easy way to access your Personality and Traits. Not only reveal your Love and Relationship Endeavours with Numbers, but also uncover your Wealth protential; where to look for and how to acquire it.
Using your Date of Birth, the analyzer reveals the followings:
* General Character - A Snapshot of your Main Personality in Life.
* Hidden Character - You know having this traits but others are not able to see it in you.
* Health Issue - Brief glance of your most probable Sicknesses in life.
* Business and Career - Brief details of your most favorable Business and Career endeavour.
* Year Forecast - General View of what you might probably encounter for the Year.
* The Interaction and Compatibility index of 2 individuals.
* Who is in control and have the final say for decision-making.
* Uncover whose loves the other party more.
* Find out if both individuals are "Falling Love at First Sight".
* Probable Family or Marriage Problem happening at which stage of Life.
* Life Stories of both individuals with their Life and Combined Charts.
* Annual Forecast of both individuals revealing their Yearly Stories encounterment.
* Wealth Compass of both individuals showing the Wealth directions and how-to acquire it.

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