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Learn to Profile Anyone with Numbers

My Personal Guide Notes on the Power of Numbers
This eBook reveals the technical know-how about the basic knowledge of the Power of Numbers discovery using examples in a Visual and Map approach. This amazing discovery is neither about Astrology nor related to any existing Numerology Science whatsoever, but it is about the Science of Numbers and to date, thousands have learnt and heard about this discovery, and many were amazed by it.

The contents and details in this eBook is a consolidation of information of this discovery into easy to read colorful visual maps, illustrating various concepts as defined in this amazing discovery on the Power of Numbers. It is best suitable for people who are interested to know more about themselves and learn to profile anyone from a different perspective with the Power of Numbers.

What's the Features

With this eBook, you will learn how to calculate
  • your Life Path; understanding who you really are.
  • your Hidden Talents and Special Traits.
  • your Strength and Weakness.
  • your Wealth Direction.
  • your possible Health Issue.
  • your Interpersonal Relationship with your loved ones, children, friends, boss, etc.
  • your Compatibility Status with your Spouse.
  • your suitable Career.
  • your Annual luck; what you might encounter this year and the coming years.

The eBook also reveals how do you know whether the person
  • has the potential to become a popular celebrity, the rich and famous.
  • has the ability to Lead, Communicate and Take Actions, and perhaps the powerful individuals in their expert domain.
  • has the charisma to attract many supporters especially the opposite sex.
  • has a higher sexual desire or drive than others.
  • is a achiever, a dreamer, or simply a sweet talker, but cannot get things done..
  • can "talk big"; exaggerate facts and figures, but cannot keep secrets.
  • is very smart, but may not be trustworthy.
  • is an informer, and likely to "spy" on others.
  • who is creative and a lot of fantastic ideas, but cannot perform multitasking.
  • has other special and unique personal characters, etc

What's New in the 2nd edition eBook

The following New topics and their relating examples are added to the 2nd edition
  • The Power of 123
- people with these powerful numbers have the ability to lead, communicate and take actions.

  • Peach Blossom trait
- a charismatic trait for people who have the ability to be loved by their supporters, especially from the opposite sex.

  • High Sexual Desire trait
- this high sex drive trait is self-explanatory, but do you have these numbers and what are they?

  • Famous Celebrities Numbers
- these numbers are commonly found in celebrities, the rich and famous.

What's the Benefits

The eBook is most suitable for Human Resource, Managers, Consultants, Lawyers, Headhunters, Sales and Marketing, Business Development or anyone who are interested to know more about the Power of Numbers discovery in a different perspective.

It is also recommended for people who have attended the courses, and require a revisit and refreshing experience on the discovery concepts; for example How to compute the Wealth Directions and what action to be taken to achieve your wealth and success luck; How to compute the Compatibility Status with your spouse and loved ones, etc.

An extract of Feedbacks from the Delighted Customers

  • I have learnt lots of new topics that are missing or hidden topics where some masters do not teach.
... Khalib, Malaysia

  • I hope many other people buy it and learn who they are and who are the people around them. It is so useful.
.... Ekaterina Pinet, France

  • The ebook was very detailed documented and read it with great joy.
.... Anthony, Singapore

  • This eBook has surpassed my expectation. The content is definitely worth the value. Great Book!
.... Henry Tan, Singapore

  • This book is very enriching. Enjoys a great new experience about myself and my family in Numbers...
.... Cindy, Singapore
  • The e-Book is awesome and had learnt lots of metaphysics principles....
.... Chor Kai, Malaysia

  • Your ebook really is an eye opener!!!
.... James, USA

  • The relationship calculator in the report shows me how to better interact with my spouse and people around me. Thanks.
.... Eileen, Singapore

  • Great analysis report. Now I understand why my friends are behaving when with me.
.... SuMei, Singapore

  • I must say that this is an awesome book. Enjoyed reading throughout....
.... MingHong, Australia

  • Your eBook on PON is very detailed and informative.
.... Han Shin, Singapore

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